A woman who is self-reliant, influential with class, ambitious and plan for her goals, is known to be a woman of substance. A woman who attains power with her own efforts and makes her identity in the society.

Today’s women are engulfed with multiple requirements which include the demands of finances, family, careers while at the same time required to serve God effectively. To address the needs of modern, professional and enterprising women of all age groups, Ruth Makandiwa founded a mentorship program ‘Femme de Substance’. The name Femme de Substance was derived from Luke 8:1-3 which speaks of Women of Substance –Women who were influential in their community and at the same time serving and supporting the ministry of Jesus Christ.
Ruth Makandiwa’s objective is to empower and equip women with relevant information regarding business, entrepreneurship, career management whilst uplifting them spiritually with the Word of God. The end result of this program is a group of confident, influential and impactful women called; ‘Femme de Substance’.