Ruthdale Project


Project Overview

At first, it was a dream, and the dream became a vision. The Visionary; Ruth Makandiwa, clearly wrote it down and they that read it during the Blessing Covenant Week, ran with it. Since March 2017, this vision has been evolving into a monumental landmark; an academic oasis that will forever transform the community of Sunningdale in Harare, Zimbabwe – Ruthdale High School Project.

The Site

Flanked by Seke Rd and adjacent to Sunningdale 1 Primary School, the site of the Ruthdale High School Project is an 8,1-hectare piece of land which used to be a dumpsite and a spot for urban cultivation for some of the locals but now it is serving a higher purpose for the community.

Ground-Breaking Ceremony

The ground-breaking ceremony for the Ruthdale High School was held on the site of the school in Sunningdale, adjacent to Sunningdale 1 Primary School in Sunningdale, Harare on the 14th of June, 2017. The ceremony was officiated by Ruth Makandiwa and the event was also graced by the Deputy Mayor of Harare; His Worship Enoch Mupamawone, the Councillor for Sunningdale Mr Madzingira, dignitaries from the Ministry of Education, Environmental Management Agency, ZINWA , corporate representatives, schools and churches within and out of Sunningdale.


After its completion, Ruthdale high School is set to hold 1080 students throughout the levels of secondary school; that is from Form 1 up to Form 6. The school was also designed to have a good teacher-to-student ratio so as to enable each and every student a chance to interact with their teachers and assimilate information efficiently without any form of challenge in that regard.

A First of Its Kind

This site was designated by the City Council to be a site for a school since 1984 and has been available all this time. To date, there is no high school in Sunningdale but Ruth Makandiwa took heed to the call of constructing a high school in Sunningdale by introducing this project. Ruthdale will not only be the first high school but it will introduce a new standard of academic learning in Sunningdale.

Majoring In Science Education

In line with the Zimbabwean government’s educational initiative to promote science and technology education is schools, Ruthdale High School will be majoring in Science subjects. This will expand the academic horizon of the 1080 students that will be enrolled at Ruthdale because it will give them an opportunity to move along with the global technological age and give them relevancy in the corporate, industrial and social spheres of this age.