Developing a lifestyle of Prayer

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May 2, 2018

Developing a lifestyle of Prayer

Women who know their God enjoy prayer; it is through prayer that you exert a zeal and energy for God’s glory. The unchanging fruit of true knowledge of God is energy to pray for God’s cause. As a leader and a visionary; Ruth Makandiwa has been endowed with one of the most honourable duties of Spiritual Motherhood. As the leading intercessor; she prayerfully carries all women, daughters of many nations in the womb of prayer. According to Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa, Prayer is the fuel that drives everything and it is her number one priority.

In her teachings Ruth has strongly highlighted the Benefits of Prayer. Her strong belief and reliance on the power of prayer brought about the birth of the Morning Glory Prayer Sessions that are held weekly as women gather to fellowship with the Holy Ghost in various parts of the country and across the borders where UFIC has its Branches. What makes each prayer session a powerful moment is the fact that ladies gather to pray in one accord.

Ruth Makandiwa encourages women to develop a hunger and thirst for the things of God. Through a spirit of prayer, women are enabled to go on in life, to embrace life prayerfully and to live life to the fullest. Today many women are living their lives victoriously because Ruth Makandiwa has taught and molded them to adopt prayer as a number one priority in Life, because prayer is not just about talking to God, it is the relationship you have with God, allowing you to enjoy His presence.

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